Beetroot with horipito mayonnaise, smoked warehou and almond crisps

Both Barbara and I love beetroot, we’ve been cooking it as a vegetable (lovely dripping with melting butter and some salt) since the 70s, but now it is ‘fashionable’ (or was last year). Beetroot also despite its strong flavour and because of its strong colour (as we discovered at a degustation menu) pairs well with smoked white fish. Both beetroot and smoked fish love horopito (very fashionable with me at present) and mustard.

Both smoked fish and beetroot (do not forget the melting butter, o best beloved) risk being dry, so a horopito and mustard mayonnaise seemed the perfect match. But that would have no crunch… enter the almond cracker recipe I have been wanting an excuse to try…

If you don’t have horopito mustard probably a decent wholegrain mustard would work, though I added extra horopito…

Just boil the beets, peel, and slice thinly but not too thin (around 0.5cms or 0.25 inches roughly works for me), put some sliced or broken hot smoked white fish on top of each slice, top with mustardy lemony  mayo.

Almond crackers


200g ground almonds
1 egg (we have some very tiny ones currently so I used two)
3 pinches (one chef’s pinch) salt


Mix the ground almonds with the egg and salt, if the ‘dough’ is too dry you needed more egg if it is too moist you can add more almond. If it is just right, congratulations Goldilocks.
Roll the dough out between two sheets of baking paper. Thin, very thin, as thin as you dare. I left it much too thick the first time. Cut to shape or if you want round ones use a wine glass to cut circles (the dough can be reformed several times). You can top with grated parmesan to gild the lilly, but I just sprinkled with salt.

Place on a greased baking sheet, small gaps will do as these crackers do not spread.

Bake at 180°C (350°F for those still using Farenheit) for about 12 mins turning half way through. Leave to cool before freeing them.

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