The long wait ;)

OK, so most of you have not been waiting with bated breath, but still I owe explanations. First came the new property, a “lifestyle block”, which meant a new life(style). Then came Christmas and summer, and feeding twentysomethings in droves, then a frantically busy time that still has not really calmed to “normal”. During this time I have seldom lived up to my Repentant Carnivore dreams. Eggs come from the family chooks, they need to be used, meat is quick and easy and kept in the freezer…

Frankly, as we look forward to slaughtering and butchering a huge steer and filling the freezers with meat, I am not sure how two vegan meals a day will work!? But yet, the penitance is still present in the carnivore 😉

So, I’m going to try to restart this blog. I’ll again post vegan recipes as I try them and like them, but more often I suspect – under the new regime, and until I actually live the life(style) instead of living a hectic weekly commute – I will post ideas, recipes and tips that allow the use of less resources even while featuring meat, cheese and eggs.(See next post for an example.)

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