Forgive me, sisters and brothers, it’s been weeks since the last post

Meet the boys

…and I’m sorry. Partly it’s the time of year, but mainly it’s been a change of life (no, not that sort). Buying and moving onto a lifestyle block between Tauranga and Rotorua while still working in Auckland has taken time and effort that might have been spent writing for you 😉

But even more it makes being a repentant carnivore difficult. We have six chooks, who produce five eggs most days, that makes eating an average of only one non-vegan meal out (breakfast, lunch and tea) difficult, at least if that meal is not to be eggs almost every day. I like eggs, I enjoyed the (British) Egg Marketing board’s slogan: “Versatile as an egg” (I also enjoyed “Eggs is cheep!” but that’s another story 😉 But I do fancy some meals with meat…

It will get worse, we now have four big beefy guys (well, they were to have been guys, before the operation) eating up the grass at an astonishing rate. All that grass is becoming prime (half Angus) beef. Soon I’ll need to remove the “repentant” entirely from the title…

I have tried another of the competition recipes, and once marking is finished (marking student assignments, not your recipes 😉 I should be announcing the winner! But in the meanwhile I’ll make this confession.

One thought on “Forgive me, sisters and brothers, it’s been weeks since the last post”

  1. Given that carnivores need to repent as they are using too much of the planet’s land, and you presumably now are occupying a fair bit of land, maybe you need to pass those eggs on. You presumably could gift/trade/swap eggs with city folks 🙂

    Also, you could eat some meat meals now and save the eggs for the winter when the hens won’t be laying. If you have a fair bit of freezer space, whizz them in the blender then freeze them as icecubes or in small containers. We don’t have hens, but as part of saving money for Baptist Self Denial one year we bought ‘seconds’ eggs that were cracked and hence needed to be used fast, whizzed them up and froze them then thawed them out as needed. It worked fine for everything that needed beaten eggs. Freezing also works for egg whites on their own, but yolks sort of curdle if you freeze them on their own. The internet tells me that adding a little sugar or salt prevents that, but such has *not* been my experience. You could even make ‘100 year eggs’ for egg preservation, or buy some sodium silicate solution from a pottery supply place and paint the egg shells with it and they’ll last for months at room temperature. I believe that was the solution of choice for egg preservation in pre-refrigeration America, and possibly here, too.

    Anyway, good to hear from you again 🙂

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