Chocolate Chantilly

The simplest (just two ingredients), most sophisticated (think Michelin Starred Restaurants), dessert possible, Chocolate Chantilly is a contradiction in terms.

This ‘chantilly’ is like a soft, glossy, smooth chocolate mousse. It’s called a ‘chantilly’ though no cream is used, and the flavour can be changed according to the liquid added, or by adding flavourings. I have used orange juice and coffee but other liquids/flavours that go with dark chocolate should work just as well.

It is the simplest and most sophisticated chocolate dessert imaginable, just chocolate and water (or some other aqueous liquid).

Being a foam the flavour is enhanced and magnified, so for me Whittaker’s Dark Ghana is too sweet, and needs to be cut, or better perhaps I need to find a source of better quality chocolate. Why do Kiwis like their sweets so sickly sweet?

The ratio of water to chocolate may vary with different chocolates, liquids, or even the weather, but the mix can always be rescued by reheating (see below) and the ratio adjusted.

Ingredients (serves two or three)

  • 100g dark (bittersweet) chocolate, with a minimum 50 percent cocoa chopped
  • 33 to 100g water (or other liquid, fruit juice, coffee…)
  • decoration e.g. whipped cream, passion fruit seeds, violet flower…


Combine the chocolate and liquid in a bowl place in a saucepan water bath, have another bowl with ice and water handy.

Heat and stir until the chocolate has melted and mixes with the liquid (it will be glossy and smooth like a ganash made with water instead of cream).

The video is cut in several places but gives an idea of when the whipping is ‘done’.

Put in the ice water bath and whisk after a couple of minutes, often quite quickly, the chocolate will start to firm up like whipped-cream. Keep whisking until fairly stiff peaks form.

If grains form reheat and start again, if it is too thin add chocolate, if too firm add liquid.

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