Romanesco and blue cheese

Romanesco fractals (photo By Nick Saltmarsh)

Typical of the use-less-resources recipes I’m expecting to post is the deliciously simple Romanesco and Blue Cheese. It’s a sophisticated yet frugal take on Cauliflower Cheese. Like Cauliflower Cheese it can be either a mildly sauced side dish for unrepentant carnivores, or the main attraction with other veges and carbohydrates as the meal.


Its simple get one of those fascinating fractal vegetables they call Romanesco (or Romanesco Broccoli or Broccoflower) cut it into florets and steam it. When cooked (I like it still slightly crunchy) add crumbled blue cheese (any cheap but sharp variety) and a dash of cream. Stir and salt to taste.

Simple as, but sophisticated and tasty. What I’m calling (with apologies to Ray McVinnie) “cheap smart and easy”.

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