For chocolate-lovers only

Perhaps practice makes (if not perfect) them look better...These cookies pack the most intense chocolate punch. They are not for people who think that white stuff is “chocolate”, even people who believe real chocolate can advertise how much milk it contains may balk, but those who love real high cacao solid dark chocolate should love them. They don’t look like much before they are cooked and are even less appealing when baked, but the taste and texture… Try some on a chocolate-lover near you 🙂

They are soft and crumbly, but so chocolatey…

  • 250g shortening (I used a mix of margarine and rice bran oil)
  • 140g sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 50g cacao made up to 300g with plain flour (use less cacao for a milder chocolate hit)
  • 0.5-1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup chocolate cut into fragments and cacao nibs (again for those who want milder could try all chocolate fragments)

Each time you add an ingredient mix. (The easiest way is straight into the food processor and zap until the last item.)

Make into balls, smaller than golf balls (unless you want giant cookies). Place on baking sheet well apart, squash with two fingers or the base of a tumbler. Cook at 180 C for 12-15mins. They will still feel soft, but will harden on cooling.

They look dreadful (that’s why there are no photos), so you may want to do what we do to make brownies look respectable drench with icing sugar…  personally I leave them nude and hope that will put other people off, sadly Barbara was still happy to scoff half the last batch 🙁

PS Can anyone tell me a source of Fair Trade cacao nibs in NZ – googling suggests they are available in the USA but not here 🙁

3 thoughts on “For chocolate-lovers only”

  1. I made these today, with fair trade cacao nibs from iHerb ($24NZ for 454g shipped to NZ). I wanted to make them vegan, so I substituted 3T besan (gram/chickpea flour) and 3T water for the egg and they worked nicely. I also melted the marg and then just mixed it all by hand in the bowl I used for melting. They came out nicely 🙂 Unfortunately, on closer inspection my margarine turned out not to be vegan (it had milk solids in it), so they’re not actually suitable for the friends I was thinking of. On the plus side, that means more for us 🙂 Next time I think I’ll just use canola oil instead of marg – I use it as the fat in my standard brownie recipe and it works really well.

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