A busy weekend and another problem :(

Cosset Cafe 1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland NZ offers a mainly Vegan menu, including some meal options, but most cafes and cheaper eateries don't 🙁

Our busy weekend reveals another difficulty with trying to cut back meat, eggs and (possibly) dairy. We were rushing from place to place so we only had 2-3 meals (including breakfasts) at home over the weekend, one lunch was fish and chips (the only other option in that part of town was a meat pie), though one cafe meal was mushrooms few cafes have more than one vegan (or even quasi-Vegan) meal on offer.

In Auckland we could have gone to Cosset, but eating out on busy days may prove difficult 🙁

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  1. Trouble is – meat is a quick and easy source of protein and so are eggs and dairy. HOw do you get enough brain and muscle food if you’re a repentant carnivore? Especially if one has teenaged sons who are still growing and turn their noses up at anything green?

  2. Well, as I see it, the first thing is the aim is not to cut out all meat etc. Since the goal is to use a “fair” share of the earth’s resources and that can include some meat. I aim for the equivalent of one meal a day, others may be stricter, or less strict. Breakfast (except at cafes) is really no problem, and I jazz up our porrige with fruit (frozen or dried blueberries or such) and nuts (delicious and adds protein). Lunch may end up often as a meat meal, though hummus and homemade bread and/or beans to warm in microwave are “viable” alternatives to meat, egg or fish sandwiches. For the evening meal there are bean and mushroom recipes that have as much or more protein as meat, as long as you eat a starch with protein with them (something about balancing the sorts of amino-acids, almost any starch seems to do except Cassava).

    One of our sons was Vegetarian for a couple of years, and to encourage his brothers and sister to stop complaining some nights I did ordinary (not very exciting) meat meals for them, and interesting Vege ones for us, that soon had them accepting 3-4 Vege evenings a week. Again though this is where I think eating some meat helps it is a adaptation rather than a revolution. Also I’d discuss why I was making the change, in the hopes they’d agree and become RCs too 😉

  3. PS, how are they with curry? The most authentic curries are Vegetarian, and Auckland has lots of good Indian shops selling the spices and often also home-made curries (Khyber Spice Invader, next to Ollies Ice Cream Parlor in Roysal Oak is good).

  4. Eating out is tough (I’m really speaking as vriendly rather than vegan, here, friends with a vegan and married to a dairy-free 🙂 ). For dinner, Thai, Vietnamese and other South-East Asian restaurants are often the best way to go, esp if you want to avoid dairy as well as meat, though they’re not fail-safe cuisines.

    In Auckland you have some good vegan cafe options though (and more vegetarian ones) as well as the stunning Cosset. Revel on K Rd does some vegan dishes, Kokako in Parnell is vegetarian and had vegan dishes and even sweet treats (unusual). Bluebird cafe on Dominion Rd is vege-vegan and also has vegan sweet treats. Big ups to Jody for all of these finds, of course!

    I take credit, though, for the list of Wellington vege or vegan cafes: Maranui in Lyall Bay, Prana in Newtown, Deluxe beneath the Embassy Theatre, all have excellent options for vegans, and Prana is fully vegetarian.

    None in Newpie, though, sadly!

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