Healthiest Chocolate Treat Ever: Current Research

Avocado Chocolate Muffin mix
Avocado Chocolate Muffin mix

For my current research project I am experimenting with substitutions with the aim of producing the healthiest chocolate treat ever.

I am using my standard chocolate muffin recipe as the starting and reference point.

My first step is was radical, I substituted avocado for the fat, milk and egg. Aiming at Vegan as well as healthy. So far results are encouraging the muffins are soft, almost creamy and chocolaty. (Just needing a little salt – hopefully not enough t be unhealthy – to counteract the vegetarian bitterness of the avocado.)

Replacing half the chocolate chips with cocoa nibs also worked well.

Now, what I need next is a sugar substitute. Would honey work do you think? And does Manuka honey retain its health benefits when heated?

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  1. What a great idea! A difficult concept, not just the executing but the defining – people can have such different views on what is healthy (I am a big egg fan for example). But if you are going on your viewpoint I guess you can’t go wrong. Yes in the health stakes rice syrup is right up there. But glucose/dextrose is excellent health-wise, except it is very high GI which some people would steer away from. There is of course stevia, which I keep sitting on the fence about, but am swinging towards it at the moment – esp if the muffins are an occasional treat. Good question about honey, a quick google only finds questions about putting in it tea (not a problem) but baking may be different. I might keep looking. Keep us posted!

  2. Hi, Angela, yes, I have bypassed the whole “what is healthy” question. Maybe I need to do some thinking/writing about it. In this post though I took the easy route. Both Barbara and I have highish cholesterol and so butter etc. is unhealthy, but avocado is healthy(ish). Barbara gets bad sinus when she takes dairy products, so milk is unhealthy (also as this blog is concerned with ethical eating) I have been preferring Vegan recipes where possible. (I’m not at all Vegan, a happy carnivore who makes his own salami etc. but a diet which is largely Vegan with some meat is better for the environment, for the eater and cheaper (so leaving more after our greed for those in real need).

    Eggs are a special case too. Basically healthy (except perhaps too many, because of the fats) but we keep chooks and so are tempted to eat too many, so missing them from the muffins was a bonus for me (plus they keep the recipe Vegan).

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